$250 per hour for most work, including investigation, document review, inspections, photography, calculation, analysis, drawing and report development, including travel time, plus expenses.Local mileage is billed at $1 per mile.Travel time and expenses for more distant locations will be negotiated with the client.

The minimum fee to open a case or to designate Benn Karne as an expert is $1000, which can be applied towards work done on the case.

$300 per hour for deposition, trial, and standby time.


Work will commence after receipt of a signed letter of agreement and/or retainer as appropriate.  Retainer is applied to the final billing.

Fees for depositions are due in advance, with a two hour minimum charge, plus travel time and expenses.In the event that the party noticing a deposition fails to pay any portion of the required minimum or time spent in excess of the required minimum (plus travel and standby time) retaining counsel will be responsible for payment of that sum.

Receipt of CV or other materials from Karne Engineering does not constitute authorization to disclose Benn Karne as an expert witness.Designation of Benn Karne as an expert without prior written agreement and receipt of agreed retention fees is not permitted.If any designation is made contrary to this provision, Benn Karne reserves the right to report the unethical, fraudulent, and/or illegal action to the appropriate court, agencies, and organizations, and to testify for opposing counsel about such action.

Benn Karne holds certificate number M18705 as a Professional Engineer.Per CCR 463.5, “Professional Engineers in California are licensed by the Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors”.